INFOGRAPHIC: How would better access to mail and email help your company?

Has work from home (WFH) exposed challenges in how you’re processing important information that comes in the mail? Handling your own email and mail can be expensive! Try working with a mailroom outsourcer. They’ll convert paper mail to digital files, combine it with email, and index it all for easy retrieval. They can even push messages into automated processes so everything reaches employees regardless of where they’re working. Still unsure if a digital mailroom is for you? Consider these benefits:

  1. Enable Completely Remote Teams: You can access your…

In celebration of Cyber Security Awareness Month, we’ve rounded up 7 surprising statistics about cyber security you need to know in order to protect your business.

#1: The Business You Lose From Data Breaches Costs More Than You Think

Data breaches rack up costs quickly, including in some surprising areas. The top three are below:

  • Increased customer turnover — even the most loyal of customers can lose trust and faith in your business when their data is compromised.
  • Lost revenue due to system downtime — Downtime compromises payments, new customer signup, and prospect discovery.
  • Increasing cost of acquiring new business due to diminished reputation — new customers will be wary of giving business…

What if remote collaboration were easier?

In the wake of pandemic stay-at-home orders, businesses scrambled overnight to adapt to new employee technology needs. While no one knows exactly how long employees will need to work from home, many are expected to continue long term. And there is talk of some workers never returning to a traditional office routine. Now more than ever, it’s critical that organizations have technology in place with features that support effective remote collaboration.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems make it possible for workers to collaborate, even when they’re miles apart. The problem is that lower-cost ECM…

What features do you need to securely work from home?

That’s a question more of us are asking in today’s new pandemic normal. There are approximately 700,000 new threats to information identified every day — and that is just those that are reported. Every day, hackers become more capable at compromising traditional data-security systems. It doesn’t matter if your organization is small or large, if you do not have the right security measures in place, your data is at risk.

Today, any computer connected to the internet is vulnerable. This has become even more true as more people work from…

Electronic management of procurement paperwork proves critical in keeping essential business running during coronavirus outbreak

During any normal business year, a fast and efficient procurement process for public services is critical to keeping school districts, city halls, police departments and other needed operations humming. But during a national public health crisis and economic emergency, keeping orders fulfilled, invoices paid and payrolls met becomes even more important. More than ever, technology can make the difference when getting the job done.

Look no further than the state of New Mexico for proof. Nearly 500 public education institutions and other public entities rely…

Intelligent Capture is Essential to Automation, Infographic

You can’t automate if you can’t capture.

According to AIIM, 75% of organizations see information chaos as a major problem for their organization, and two out of three organizations cannot easily identify basic metadata, like the owner and version, for over 50% of their documents. Organizations must keep up with digitization, automation, and cloud computing to thrive against their competitors as the amount of data continues to grow.

Getting control of your information has never been easier, and capturing information is the essential first step. In order to get real value from Enterprise…

Are You In Control of Your Records?

Many organizations are unsure what records they should or shouldn’t keep in order to comply with regulations and, by default, many simply keep everything. Believe it or not, saving everything could put your organization at even greater risk.

Most organizations are required by law to retain and dispose records after a set period of time to comply with various local, state, federal, and industry-specific regulations. Without an effective records retention policy, organizations can face legal ramifications that may result in million-dollar fines, and executives can be held personally responsible.

In today’s complex business…

Instant access to information is increasingly important to the success of organizations, yet Database Trends & Applications recently reported that 80% of businesses can’t find a document or file on a regular basis. You know access to information is crucial to making timely, well-informed business decisions. Organization, however, increases in complexity as the volume of data accelerates. An “Any Document, Anywhere, Anytime” approach can offer your organization, secure accessibility, and the ability to automate any process.

Gain the competitive advantage of instant access to information, regardless of file type, physical location or time of day. …

What if you could reduce the amount of time and money your organization spends on manual accounts payable (AP) processes? No matter the size of the organization, every company has bills to pay, but manually processing invoices is time-consuming, unsecured, and subject to errors. In fact, the Institute for Finance & Management (IOFM) reports that it costs on average $11.76 to process a single invoice and that the average organization receives over 1,200 invoices per month!

What if you could digitize invoices while eliminating manual data entry? What if this solution saved you time and money? What if this solution…

How to More Efficiently Process Every Invoice

Paper-based processes are time-consuming and expensive for organizations managing documents. Paper Systems are filled with inefficiencies, such as delayed steps in a workflow that hand delivers files. The most common delay in processes is getting stuck waiting on multiple approvals. Employees may be out sick, on vacation, or traveling for business, which means a paper-based process cannot be completed until they return to the office. The folder will sit on a desk awaiting approval. …

HK Bain

President and CEO of Digitech Systems, the first cloud-based ECM system offering access to any document, anywhere, anytime, and for businesses of any size.

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