AI Helps Arvato Automate Critical Business Processes for Clients

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Critical business information was difficult to access in paper license agreements


PaperVision® Capture and PaperVision® Forms Magic

Recognized Benefit

Electronically extracted information streamlines automation of core business processes for a large IT/High-Tech client

Automation of business processes starts with electronic access to information. When Arvato was asked by a large IT/High-Tech company to streamline and simplify licensing, they were stymied by information trapped in paper contracts.

Arvato used PaperVision Capture to convert paper documents to electronic files and PaperVision Forms Magic to extract the critical information from each contract that informs business processes throughout the company. The improvement trims time from every license processed worldwide, resulting in about $3 million in annual cost savings for the customer.

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The Situation

Arvato specializes in the development and implementation of custom solutions for more than 150 million customers around the globe. They work closely in partnership with their clients to solve complex business challenges that enable digital transformation and business innovation. Customers become more agile and competitive thanks to custom digital workflows and technologies that automate processes. Arvato has about 68,000 employees in 40 countries. They are a €3.84 billion (roughly $4.3 billion USD) company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Bertelsmann SE & Co.1

Licensing may seem simple, but for Arvato’s high-tech client, the process was complex. They receive more than 63,000 contracts annually. Though they were scanning the documents for archiving, each agreement was first printed to be passed around the office through manual processes. This meant that each person had to flip through the document by hand to locate the information they needed.

Each agreement could range in size from ten to more than fifty pages, and there was very little about the contracts that was standardized. The data needed off the contracts was being hand typed into other business systems, and the whole process was cumbersome.

When Troy Brown, Director of Innovation and Tools for Arvato, first saw them, he immediately described the contracts as “extremely complex.” He explains, “Nothing was standard, so there was a very high degree of variability.” The challenge was significant as the visible complexity of each contract was magnified by the vast array of countries and languages the client serves worldwide.

The Solution

The client was already working with MuniMetriX, a Digitech Systems reseller, to archive scanned license agreements in PaperVision Enterprise, so it made sense to Brown to use PaperVision Capture and PaperVision Forms Magic to digitize the contracts and extract the business data when they decided to switch to electronic processing in 2014. In addition, Arvato strives to keep their clients on the leading-edge of innovation, so they were interested to see how the artificial intelligence (AI) engine driving the Forms Magic product would benefit their client. “We are innovators and leaders,” explained Brown. “We don’t let our clients wait around or sell old technologies. Being able to extract the data with AI has enabled us to automate the entire business process.”

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“You can’t automate something you can’t read or look at. PaperVision Forms Magic enabled us to access the critical information our client needed. Being able to extract the data with AI has enabled us to automate the entire business process for our client, saving more than $3 million annually.”

Troy Brown, Director of Innovation and Tools, Arvato

Today, Arvato processes about 1 million pages of licensing information annually for their high-tech client in four processing locations in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific. Scanning agreements when they are received and using AI to extract the information “sets the stage for automation,” said Brown.

Working with electronic licensing agreements gives agents faster and easier access to the information they need. Not only is the information available more quickly, but also each time a contract gets referenced, powerful search capabilities take agents directly to the data they need. Brown estimates, that Arvato has saved the client at least ten minutes per agreement processed, a total of about 10,506 hours of productive time annually.

Accuracy of information being shared with other processes and systems has also improved. Since Forms Magic extracts information directly from the contract itself, no data entry errors slow down company processes. Agents are confident they have the correct data every time.

Arvato’s high-tech client is enjoying the downstream benefits of automation as well. “At the end of the day, everything leads to cost savings,” said Brown. The time trimmed from processing has allowed the client to reallocate about 70 employees in the four data centers across the globe, resulting in total cost savings of more than $3.15 million annually.2 It’s even streamlined the training of agents, since they now work in an automated system rather than manually shuffling paper documents.

“We couldn’t have automated this process without PaperVision Capture. The license agreements were too complex for ordinary OCR, so the AI engine in PaperVision Forms Magic was critical for us to recognize and extract the data that mattered to our client,” said Brown.


About Arvato

Arvato is an international service provider. 68,000 employees in over 40 countries develop and realize innovative solutions for business customers from all over the world. They include CRM, SCM, Finance, and IT solutions. Enterprises representing many different industries rely on Arvato’s integrated solution portfolio — from telecommunication firms to energy suppliers, banks, insurance companies, e-commerce retailers, IT companies, and Internet providers. Arvato is a division of Bertelsmann. Learn more here or call 49 5241 527 6000.

About MuniMetriX

MuniMetriX Systems Corporation is a full service document management company providing cost effective imaging solutions that are easy to use and understand. Headquartered in Reno, NV, MuniMetriX has been a Digitech Systems reseller since 2000. To learn more about MuniMetriX, call toll free at 800.548.7895 or visit their website.

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President and CEO of Digitech Systems, the first cloud-based ECM system offering access to any document, anywhere, anytime, and for businesses of any size.

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