Trends & Predictions Infographic

Information continues to become increasingly valuable for businesses. If your organization has information you don’t want to lose, be sure to monitor these cybersecurity trends.

1. Opt-In Only

Regulations that restrict companies’ ability to email individuals to only those who opt in become ubiquitous.

45%: Proportion of US users who avoid opening emails from people they do not know. -Statista, 2020

2. Privacy Waivers

All companies must notify and obtain approval prior to collecting web visitors’ browser cookies.

47% of organizations updated their website cookie policies last year (80% updated it more than once!). — Techbeacon, 2020

3. User Controls

Individuals will be able to limit who can collect their online data to specific companies and types of information.

59% of respondents indicated they feel they have a greater ability to exercise their rights regarding data as a result of the GDPR. — Cisco, 2019

4. Personal Info = $

Individuals can choose to share information only with companies that compensate them for it.

64% of US users who would hold a company responsible for loss of personal data. — RSA, 2019

5. Feds Take Aim

Targeted content (including ads, articles, news) receives more federal oversight and regulation.

$55 billion: The initial cost to California companies of complying with the CCPA. -State of California, 2018

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