How do your Accounts Payable (AP) processes stack up against the competition?

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Have you tried to automate your Accounts Payable (AP) processes in the past? Perhaps you are like the other 80% of companies that are currently examining options for “going digital?”

IOFM reports that between 70 and 80% of invoices in the United States are still paper-based and about 70% of invoice processing costs are related to document handling and manual data entry. This dependence on paper leads to slower processes, lower overall accuracy rates, and higher costs.

Don’t despair. We understand that with the average organization receiving 1,200 invoices a month, keeping track of and effectively moving that much paper through complex reconciliation and remittance processes can be tough! And, we’re here to help!

But first, we invite you to take our brief, six-question accounts payable quiz to find out how your AP department stacks up with the best. Once you know more about how you’re doing, we’ll offer you a personalized report with specific suggestions to improve your organization using AP automation tools like workflow and Enterprise Content Management (ECM). By eliminating paper, extracting (rather than typing) critical financial data, and shifting records management to the cloud, we believe you’ll see not only improved efficiency and control, but better financial savings as well.

How much can your AP team improve?

Take the Quiz!

Looking for more information about automating your accounts payable department? Click here.

President and CEO of Digitech Systems, the first cloud-based ECM system offering access to any document, anywhere, anytime, and for businesses of any size.

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