How Might Better Access to Mail and Email Improve Your Business?

INFOGRAPHIC: How would better access to mail and email help your company?

Has work from home (WFH) exposed challenges in how you’re processing important information that comes in the mail? Handling your own email and mail can be expensive! Try working with a mailroom outsourcer. They’ll convert paper mail to digital files, combine it with email, and index it all for easy retrieval. They can even push messages into automated processes so everything reaches employees regardless of where they’re working. Still unsure if a digital mailroom is for you? Consider these benefits:

  1. Enable Completely Remote Teams: You can access your information from anywhere at anytime, so no one has to come back to the office to process mail.
  2. Boost Extraction Accuracy: Digital mailroom providers automatically extract information, improving data accuracy.
  3. Tighten Your Information Security: Managing your information digitally makes it more difficult for outsiders to access.
  4. Improve Compliance: Converting to a digital mailroom enables you to protect information with extensive security features for compliance with all kinds of regulations.
  5. Save Money: Converting to a digital mailroom makes managing information drastically less expensive for organizations.
  6. Enable Access to Information: Digital mailroom providers index your information any way you want, making finding information as simple as a keyword search.
  7. Manage Multiple Mail Types: Digital mailrooms manage physical mail and email, placing all your mail in one location and one process.
  8. Increase Process Efficiency: Digital mailroom systems provide instant access to information, helping you get data where you need it, when you need it.
  9. Empower Your Staff: Digital mailrooms help your staff process faster, more accurately, and better than ever.

President and CEO of Digitech Systems, the first cloud-based ECM system offering access to any document, anywhere, anytime, and for businesses of any size.

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