Rural Hospital Eliminates Paper Pains with PaperVision®Enterprise and ImageSilo®

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Yuma District Hospital

Digitech Systems Reseller

RMMI Digital Document Solutions


Paper records dominated space and slowed business processes


PaperVision Enterprise, ImageSilo

Recognized Benefit

Converted all medical records to electronic records, enhanced compliance with federal regulation, and reduced storage costs

In 2001, Yuma District Hospital realized they were running out of room. After 30 years in operation, they had accumulated millions of paper records. The boxes of records had begun to overflow their storage rooms to various locations around the hospital. The Director of Revenue Cycle Services, Gina Eastin knew they were in need of a solution. She said, “Finding patient records was challenging, because there were documents literally everywhere. I knew we needed to get this mess under control.”

After implementing ImageSilo, a cloud-based enterprise content management (ECM) service, and PaperVision Enterprise, an on premise ECM service, they have reclaimed storage space, improved record retrieval times, and saved money.

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The Situation

Established in 1949, Yuma District Hospital is a critical access rural hospital serving a population of over 10,000 people in Yuma County, Colorado. They deliver care to around 3,000 patients a year and provide 12 private beds, 24/7 emergency care, surgical services, and several health clinics in various locations.

Digging through 30 years’ worth of paper records was tough and finding patient records was becoming increasingly time-consuming. “There were two dedicated document specialists, and they spent the majority of their time simply looking for records,” said Eastin. “They would spend hours looking for one piece of paper depending on how many years back they had to go.”

Not only was being able to find records a problem, they wanted to reclaim the space occupied by the boxes. Over 3,000 square feet had been taken over by 1,200 boxes of records. Additional boxes were being stored all over the hospital. “Boxes were stored in offices and even basement crawl spaces!” said Eastin.

Security was also key for Yuma District Hospital. “Before, when you went to pull an explanation of benefits (EOB) for someone, you had to manually go to the filing cabinet, grab the file, make a copy, and black out the names and other important data to make sure the information was secure,” said Eastin. They needed a system that would help them be in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). This federal law regulates how healthcare organizations share and secure Protected Health Information (PHI).

Yuma District Hospital needed a secure, effective, flexible records system that would improve the productivity of the office, eliminate wasted storage space and save them money.

The Solution

Yuma District Hospital worked with RMMI Digital Document Solutions, a Digitech Systems reseller. They wanted an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn system that would allow them to digitize their paper records. They chose to implement ImageSilo, a cloud-based ECM service, for records management and PaperVision Enterprise, an on premise ECM service, for archiving. This hybrid system offered them the flexible and scalable solution they were looking for. RMMI helped them scan over 3 million documents into the system and continues to handle their scanning today.

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“ImageSilo has been a reliable, stable platform for us since the very beginning. We don’t have issues and we don’t lose stuff like we used to. It keeps our productivity up, it keeps our organization structured, and reduces our time. We wouldn’t change a thing!”

– Gina Eastin, Director of Revenue Cycle Services

Today, Yuma District Hospital manages all medical records, financial documents, and the Patient Business Office files electronically. By managing files electronically, they have been able to eliminate their file storage. Cathy Wolff, CFO said, “Thanks to PaperVision Enterprise, we eliminated 100% of our file storage space. Now, we use all our space productively — for doctors, for nurses, and for serving the people of Yuma County.”

Record retrieval times have been improved as well. The medical records department receives approximately 225 requests for information every week. Instead of hunting through boxes, they can retrieve the information they need immediately. “I love, love the Boolean search function (combining keywords with AND, OR and NOT to improve accuracy). I can find what I need instantly, making the whole process so much faster,” said Eastin. This has reduced the amount of time they spend looking for records by 97%.

Yuma District Hospital also has better control of information. Auditors have their own logins and can look up any information they need. Patient information is securely protected and only the relevant information the auditors need to see is visible. In addition, because all records have been converted to electronic format, they are 100% protected from loss, theft or natural disaster. “Our document system was working ok before, but now we have become fireproof and disaster proof,” said Wolff.

Another great benefit was the amount of money Yuma District Hospital doesn’t have to spend on paper anymore. They spent $300 a month on office supplies to support the paper filing system. Eastin said, “I was able to completely eliminate paper costs from my budget.” Since implementation, they have saved over $57,000.

Improved customer service is an unexpected benefit Yuma District Hospital really enjoys. “If I’m helping a patient with their billing account, and they are asking questions about how things got paid, I can pull up their EOB and tell them right away,” said Eastin. “I don’t have to put them on hold, run back to the filing cabinets and retrieve that information for them. It saves us time, and it saves them time, and the patients really enjoy that.”

About RMMI Digital Document Solutions

RMMI Digital Document Solutions is a full-service electronic document management firm. For nearly 30 years, they have been dedicated to improving the efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness of businesses throughout Colorado. Their pledge is to provide companies with a flexible solution that promises security, fast disaster recovery and easy integration with their current systems. They serve a wide range of industries including healthcare, financial services, education, government and more. To learn more about RMMI, call 303.427.0625 or go to their website.

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