The Alzheimer’s Association Simplifies Donation Processing with ImageSilo®

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Alzheimer’s Association, Massachusetts/New Hampshire Chapter

Digitech Systems Reseller

New England Copy Specialists (NECS)


Paper donation checks were slow to process



Recognized Benefit

Eliminated paper storage both onsite and in a records warehouse and streamlined check handling

Alzheimer’s disease is currently the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. In 2016, it cost about $236 billion, and this number is expected to rise to more than $1 trillion by 2050. The Alzheimer’s Association states, “With no effective prevention or treatment methods, Alzheimer’s disease has the power to bankrupt families, communities and our health care system.” (1)

As a non-profit organization dedicated to alleviating this crisis, the Alzheimer’s Association takes great care to be effective stewards of the donations they receive. At the Massachusetts/New Hampshire Chapter, paper donation checks were slowing the ability of the association to put the money to work furthering programs, and they limited the effectiveness of the finance personnel. The Chapter implemented ImageSilo, a cloud-based document management service, to streamline donation processing and to save money.

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The Situation

The Alzheimer’s Association is a voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating Alzheimer’s disease. They fulfill this mission by supporting research, providing care and support for those affected, and promoting brain health to reduce the risk of dementia.

The Massachusetts/New Hampshire Chapter offers programs and services to more than 143,000 individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and medical professionals living in both states, and it is one of the founding chapters of the Association. The Chapter receives about $11.7 million in donations annually from events and programs, individual and group donations and tributes, corporate sponsors, and institutional grants. They have about 70 employees and respond to more than 8,000 inquiries from their communities each year. (2)

The Chapter receives 80–300 individual donation checks daily, and they employ two individuals to process those checks. When the checks were handled on paper, it took one individual about 4 hours per day to make photocopies of the checks that were then stored in paper filing cabinets. Totals were added by hand to ensure accuracy, and information was difficult to locate when they needed to answer a question or verify amounts.

The Association wanted to simplify and streamline their ability to process donations in order to make the money available to programs and services more quickly. In addition, the finance employees hoped to become more productive, allowing them to contribute more time to fulfilling the organization’s goals.

The Solution

The Chapter worked with NECS, a Digitech Systems reseller, to find a solution. They wanted an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn system that would allow them to digitize checks when they were received, so that all subsequent processing and storage could happen electronically. They chose ImageSilo, because it did not require IT personnel to install or support a software application. Today, the Chapter scans checks when they arrive and uploads them to ImageSilo for secure storage and retrieval. The Chapter is currently storing about 20GB of financial and donor records in the cloud system, and they are recognizing significant benefits.

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“ImageSilo has been a good change. Scanning the checks saves a huge amount of paper and takes almost no time. We’re able to find financial information instantly using keyword search on our computers. Plus, when we move offices, all we have to take are scanners, rather than boxes and boxes of paper records. It takes no time at all!”

– Ryan Giannotta, Finance Clerk Alzheimer’s Association of MA/NH

The conversion to digital checks and more automated processes has simplified the handling of donor checks for the Massachusetts/New Hampshire chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.
Instead of spending half her time copying checks, Ryan Giannotta, the Finance Clerk, has saved about five hours each week by scanning them instead. She now spends the extra time helping the finance team to categorize donations, which in turn allows them to simply verify the information and move on to other tasks. It’s made the entire process more efficient.

The Chapter also has better control of information. Paper check information was vulnerable to prying eyes, but ImageSilo requires users to login before they can view records. In addition, the system can lock down which records users can view and control whether or not they can print or email them. Images cannot be changed, and information (such as credit card details) can even be hidden as needed.

The electronic system is saving the Chapter money. To comply with regulations, the Chapter stored records at their offices for about three years, and then moved older records to an offsite storage company where they were kept for an additional four. Today, they don’t pay for offsite storage, and they’ve been able to put office space to more productive use than storing files. They find more savings in improved employee productivity and lower office supply and shipping budgets. Nucleus Research analysts estimate that for every $1 spent on digital document management systems like ImageSilo, the organization gains $7.50 in value.(3)

ImageSilo enables the Chapter to speed the training for employees. When they hired Jeff Goulet to be an Administrative Assistant, he was quickly productive using the cloud service. “ImageSilo is the kind of system where it’s easy to figure out — to learn as you go,” he said.

The efficiencies at the Massachusetts/New Hampshire Chapter are benefitting the national offices of the Alzheimer’s Association as well. The Chapter used to ship copies of event records to the national offices, but now headquarters has secure access to the information they need using ImageSilo. They simply login and can locate anything they need in seconds.


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