Two Rivers Financial Group Increases Productivity by 80% with ImageSilo®

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Two Rivers Financial Group, Inc.

Digitech Systems Reseller:



Paper documents were taking up too much space


PaperVision® Capture and ImageSilo®

Recognized Benefit

Got rid of 60% of paper files and saves $35,000 in personnel costs.

Two Rivers Financial Group, Inc. (TRFG) was formed in 1992 to serve as the parent company to Two Rivers Bank & Trust, formerly known as Burlington Bank & Trust, established in 1904. Because of the company’s longevity and many branches, Two Rivers Bank & Trust (TRBT) naturally acquired a lot of paperwork, and accordingly, a lot of document searching headaches. The bank turned to ECM to not only ease document location issues, but also to stop the spread of file cabinets. TRFG stored the bulk of their records as paper files located at Two Rivers Bank & Trust. The bank was running out of space to keep all of the information. To alleviate the pain, ImageSilo and PaperVision Capture were implemented at Two Rivers Bank & Trust. Today, processes run more smoothly and are quicker across all branches.

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Spends 80% less time in filing room

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ImageSilo protects paper documents from flood damage and helps TRFG comply with GLBA

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Saves $35,000 annually in personnel costs

The Situation

TRFG serves more than 350 men and women, across the Southeast and Central Iowa markets with a comprehensive menu of banking, insurance and investment products and services. As a parent company to Two Rivers Bank & Trust, which has been in business for more than 100 years, TRFG inherited the solid business’ reputation, along with its customers’ information and documents. TRFG currently manages 2.5 million images and on average, scans another 5,000 images per week. The main issue was space. Aaron Baltisberger, VP of Commercial Lending at Two Rivers Bank & Trust, explained that they were running out of space, and fast.

“We kept all files in the loan room and it was overflowing at the seams,” Baltisberger said. “We simply didn’t have any more space, and this was a problem not just in terms of being able to properly store everything we needed to store. We keep other branches’ files here. We are the central point of storage, so it became problematic for all.”

Because Two Rivers Bank & Trust is responsible for all files, across all branches, it meant staff was spending the majority of their time in the loan room looking for documents. Files often needed to be sent back and forth via FedEx or faxing. If another branch requested a file, it could take anywhere from an hour up to two days to get that information. Additionally, TRFG wanted to continue its growth and expansion, and this inefficient process would not cut it. TRBT knew it was time to start managing files electronically.

The Solution

TRFG worked with Imagetek, a Digitech Systems reseller, to find a solution. TRBT wanted an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn system that would solve their filing dilemma. In 2008, TRFG and Imagetek decided implementing the cloud ECM service, ImageSilo, under Imagetek’s branded name Radix, would help with TRBT’s document management and space struggles. The bank also turned to PaperVision Capture to scan all incoming documents. Baltisberger said the bank has eliminated 60% of all paper in the building since implementation. Plus, ImageSilo was up and running within a couple weeks and because the service isn’t complicated, employees grasped it right away.

“Now that we have ImageSilo, we log in and it’s just simple. We don’t spend any time in the file room anymore. When we didn’t have document management in place, a document would get thrown in the file room and it was in there for eternity. Using ImageSilo definitely equates to more productivity for our employees.”

Aaron Baltisberger, VP of Commercial Lending

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The addition of ECM has improved processes in many areas, most significantly in efficiency. When paper processes were in place, employees would spend 10 hours per week in the file storage room, looking for documents. Today, one employee spends 2 hours per week in the filing room, just to put away signed notes and mortgages. That is an 80% increase in productivity, and it allows TRFG to move loans through the pipeline much quicker. TRBT is also benefiting from the extra space! In the paper days, TRBT kept 20 four-drawer filing cabinets in one room. Each drawer was packed. Today, the bank only keeps documents that are necessary for legal actions. Baltisberger confirmed that they’ve gotten rid of 60% of those paper files, making life in the filing room much more navigable. Now that TRFG is using ImageSilo, paper documents and files are no longer left on desks, and, therefore, are no longer at risk. This gives the bank greater control of documents and also makes it easier to comply with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), which governs the collection, disclosure and protection of consumers’ banking and investment information.

“When we lock up for the day and shut down our computers, there is absolutely no access to any of the files,” Baltisberger explained.

TRFG configured the ImageSilo service to have multiple layers of security, assuring that individuals only had access to information that they absolutely needed access to. Baltisberger is also relieved that documents were moved to digital format just in time, and therefore, not lost to the large, traumatic flood in 2008. Two Rivers Bank & Trust’s basement was also filled with customer files and had they not scanned and loaded them into electronic format, the flood would have destroyed those records. Making the move to ImageSilo not only saved paper documents, but, also saved TRBT thousands of dollars.

“If we had lost all of that information, we would have had to go to some highly expensive document cleaning system to recover flooded documents. Restoring just one file costs a couple thousand dollars, and we would have had to restore more than a few!”

Flooded document repair is not the only area where TRBT saves money. By getting rid of paper files and sticking to online access, the company has avoided hiring someone to manage the process, saving $35,000. It’s also no longer necessary to ship paper files back and forth between offices, which decreased TRFG’s mailing budget by 10%. Overall, Baltisberger and his staff are thrilled that they now have a one-stop-shop for finding documents and will soon have more space in the office.

About Imagetek

Imagetek is a full-service provider and national leader in ECM. Today, Imagetek markets in 17 states and customizes software solutions for companies of all sizes in the government, banking and healthcare industries. With more than 400 customers and approximately 100 ImageSilo clients, Imagetek manages nearly 10 million documents on ImageSilo. To learn more, visit their website at or call 1.800.422.1330.

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President and CEO of Digitech Systems, the first cloud-based ECM system offering access to any document, anywhere, anytime, and for businesses of any size.

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