What Your Employees Need To Effectively Collaborate From Home

What if remote collaboration were easier?

In the wake of pandemic stay-at-home orders, businesses scrambled overnight to adapt to new employee technology needs. While no one knows exactly how long employees will need to work from home, many are expected to continue long term. And there is talk of some workers never returning to a traditional office routine. Now more than ever, it’s critical that organizations have technology in place with features that support effective remote collaboration.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems make it possible for workers to collaborate, even when they’re miles apart. The problem is that lower-cost ECM systems lack the features or capabilities required for effective collaboration, while the most expensive ECM systems include features many organizations may not need. So how do you know which features you’ll need, and which you can do without?

The infographic outlines the key features that make remote collaboration simple and effective. Learn why you should look for these features when purchasing an ECM system.

1. Full-text Search

2. Audit Reporting

3. Document Encryption

4. Document Check Out/In

Implementing an ECM system with these key features will enable your employees to effectively collaborate while working from home. With collaborative tools that enable streamlined processes for document review and approval (as well as others), effective ECM systems help companies work smarter, perform better and ultimately increase revenue.

“Companies that leverage collaboration as an organizational skill are 5x more likely to be high performing.”

- AIIM, 2019
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What features do you need for effective remote collaboration? Download this infographic to find out.

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