Wray Hospital and Clinic Improved Customer Service with ImageSilo®

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Wray Hospital and Clinic

Digitech Systems Reseller

RMMI Digital Document Solutions


Paper records slowed customer service and billing



Recognized Benefit

Converted all AP/AR records to digital, enhanced compliance with federal regulations and reduced storage costs

In 2011, Wray Hospital and Clinic realized they were outgrowing their storage room. After 22 years in operation in the current facility, they had accumulated thousands of paper records. The boxes of records had begun to overflow their storage rooms, and documents were becoming difficult to locate. “Because documents were everywhere, it was taking time to find things, it was really starting to affect the kind of customer service we could provide,” said Jennie Sullivan, CEO. “Either we needed to hire additional staff and build additional storage space, or find a different solution.”

After implementing ImageSilo, a cloud-based enterprise content management (ECM) service, they improved customer service, reduced document retrieval times, and saved money.

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The Situation

Built in 1995, Wray Hospital and Clinic is a critical access rural hospital serving a population of over 10,000 people in Yuma County, Colorado. They deliver care to around 8,500 patients a year and provide 15 private beds, 24/7 emergency care, surgery services and various wellness programs. Their mission is to promote healthier living through compassionate, quality care while providing family medicine with a family touch.

However, digging through 16 years’ worth of paper records was tough, and finding patient records was becoming increasingly time-consuming. “Everything was mainly stored in the filling room across the hall. If a customer called with a question about their record, we would have to put them on hold, walk across the hall and hope we could find their file quickly,” said Sullivan. “Sometimes, if the files were elsewhere, we would have to call the customer back, so we could find the information they needed. It was really taking a toll on our customer service abilities.”

Not only was finding records a problem, audits had become time-consuming. When the auditors needed something, the staff would have to stop what they were working on and go find the information the auditors requested.

Billing was also becoming problematic for Wray Hospital and Clinic. “Billing was becoming increasingly slow as the volume of information grew. Staff had to sort through the explanations of benefits (EOB) manually,” said Sullivan. In addition, the EOB files needed to be secure, so they needed a system that would help them be in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). This federal law regulates how healthcare organizations share and secure Protected Health Information (PHI).

Wray Hospital and Clinic needed a secure and effective system that would improve the productivity of the office, improve customer service and save them money.

The Solution

Wray Hospital and Clinic worked with RMMI Digital Document Solutions, a Digitech Systems reseller. They wanted a system that allowed them to digitize their accounts payable and accounts receivable paperwork. They chose to implement ImageSilo, a cloud-based ECM service, to manage their files. RMMI helped them scan over 75,000 documents into the system and got them up and running in under 48 hours! RMMI still handles the scanning of any additional documents they receive today.

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“ImageSilo makes everything so convenient for us. Staff can access the information they need about 97% more quickly. This allows us to focus more time on providing the best care possible for our patients.”

– Jennie Sullivan, CEO

Today, Wray Hospital and Clinic manages all patient accounting and accounts payable files electronically. By managing files electronically, they have been able to improve customer service, send bills out much more quickly, and improve their document retrieval time.

Being able to retrieve documents instantly has improved the productivity of the entire office. The billing department utilizes ImageSilo on a daily basis to quickly access information requested by patients and to access any required information to prepare a claim. “Thanks to the search function in ImageSilo, we can access information immediately, and we can focus our energy on what matters most — the patients,” said Sullivan. This has reduced the amount of time they spend looking for records by 97%.

Wray Hospital and Clinic also has better control of information. Auditors have their own logins and can look up any information they need. Patient information is securely protected and only the relevant information the auditors need to see is visible. “In fact, the auditors have complimented us on how easy the system is to use when they need to look something up,” said Sullivan. In addition, because all records have been converted to electronic format, they are 100% protected from loss, theft or natural disaster.

Another great benefit was the amount of money Wray Hospital and Clinic didn’t have to spend on storage space or hiring additional staff. “We were starting to run out of manpower and storage space, but thanks to ImageSilo, we didn’t have to build additional storage space or hire any additional staff. That has saved us over $100,000 on the building alone. Plus, not having to hire additional staff has saved us over $44,0001 per year ever since.” said Sullivan.

Wray Hospital and Clinic also enjoys how much they have been able to improve their customer service. “It is really important to us to be able to provide top notch customer service. Now when a customer calls, we can find the information they need instantly — without leaving our desks — making the whole process run much more quickly,” said Sullivan. “The staff enjoys it, the customers enjoy it, and everyone walks away happy.”

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About RMMI Digital Document Solutions

RMMI Digital Document Solutions is a full-service electronic document management firm. For nearly 30 years, they have been dedicated to improving the efficiency, productivity, and costeffectiveness of businesses throughout Colorado. Their pledge is to provide companies with a flexible solution that promises security, fast disaster recovery and easy integration with their current systems. They serve a wide range of industries including healthcare, financial services, education, government and more. To learn more about RMMI, call 303.427.0625 or go to www.rmm-i.com.

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